Plan Review and Reporting

Desktop Reviews for Compliance and Functionality

Undertaking plan reviews is a critical step to identify potential access problems early and avoid derailing project timelines and budgets. OHA’s rigorous desktop reviews deliver clearly articulated reports that help our clients understand compliant spaces. 

The experienced OHA team has completed hundreds of plan reviews and reports to help our clients including design and construction professionals understand if plans meet:

  • functional needs of people with disabilities
  • compliance requirements
  • the intent of the DDA
  • Universal and Inclusive Design Principles (where applicable)

Desk top audits can be undertaken prior to construction for smaller projects. We can also provide advice through all stages of larger projects. This helps ensure the design meets the needs of people with disability, legislated documentation and the intent of the DDA.

Our access consulting services include the following areas of expertise:

Public Transport

OHA has a long history of working collaboratively with architects and design teams to deliver public transport infrastructure in Western Australia. Our clients have included the Public Transport Authority of WA, Department of Transport and Main Roads Western Australia.

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Performance Reviews

OHA works alongside building design, construction and certification professionals, and our registered Occupational Therapists expertly evaluate how access is provided.

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Access Audits

Undertaking Disability Access Audits is OHA’s core service. We audit public buildings and facilities, commercial property and open space.

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